Contribute to Common-Lisp.Net

The simplest way is to donate funds(). Currently this is handled by Common Lisp Foundation via Paypal. If you need another way to donate, email me, or leave a comment below.

Another way is to sponsor common-lisp.net (). If there is an organisation that would like a banner image, or a link on one or more of the pages, or any other form of sponsorship, email me, contact me on #common-lisp.net, or leave a comment below.

There is also the contribution of time(). This can be for administration of the cl-net users(), and helping with the site itself and all the details.

This is list of contributers and sponsors to Common Lisp.net itself. There are many other ways to contribute to Lisp().



  • Johan Ur Riise
  • Daniel Pezely
  • Hazen Babcock
  • Andy Hefner
  • Jack Unrue
  • Christian Lynbec
  • Holger Durer
  • Drew Crampsie


  • Mario Mommer
  • Nikodemus Siivola
  • Erik Enge
  • Paolo Amoroso
  • Craig Ludington
  • John Q Splittist
  • V J Arkesteijn
  • Liam Healy
  • Robert Strandh
  • Stephan Frank
  • Edmund Weitz
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Frode Vatvedt Fjeld
  • Pascal Costanza
  • Anonymous
  • Roger
  • Christian Lynbech
  • Sven Van Caekenberghe
  • Andrew Cristina
  • Julian Stecklina
  • Anonymous
  • Larry Clapp
  • Geoff Cant
  • Gary Byers
  • Luke Gorrie
  • Jack Unrue
  • Stefan Scholl
  • Clozure Associates
  • Ian Eslick
  • Gary Klimowicz
  • Drew Crampsie

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