3 years ago Changes the ucw.examples backend from :iolib to :htppd f ...
3 years ago Ignore errors when printing log backtrace
3 years ago Optional verbose backtrace printing for error lock
3 years ago Move `window-component' back into ucw-core and fit `with ...
3 years ago Add default initforms for basic-backend
3 years ago Pass `make-backend' arguments through to `make-instance'
3 years ago Forgot the earmuffs
3 years ago Document `regexp-dispatcher' binding `*dispatcher-register*'
3 years ago Fix macroexpansion of `abort-raw-request'
3 years ago use closer-common-lisp package where appropriate
3 years ago Allow `<ucw:option' expansion outside of the lexical blo ...
4 years ago Update <ucw:select docstring
4 years ago Make <ucw:select consistent with other tags (INCOMPATIBL ...
4 years ago Resolve conflicts in standard-tags and restore :reader b ...
4 years ago Daniel White Assert that a WRITER or ACCESSOR has been provided to UC ...
4 years ago Daniel White Use the provided value for session in WITH-LOCK-HELD-ON- ...
4 years ago Daniel White Fix binding bug in nested component initialization
4 years ago Fix demo application
4 years ago Potential fix for httpd backend on CCL 1.4
4 years ago Set :element-type of the server socket in httpd server
4 years ago Add the ucw.css file and use it on the examples
4 years ago Remove stray debugging cruft
4 years ago Seemingly working frame based transaction support
4 years ago Alter session frame creation protocol slightly
4 years ago Initial (broken!) transactional session stuff
4 years ago Add a cancel button the wiki editor
4 years ago Render page-name title in wiki-viewer
4 years ago Fix b0rked standard-tags commit
4 years ago Port wiki tutorial to ucw-core
4 years ago Fix `<ucw:textarea' wart
4 years ago Readd sum example
4 years ago Initial port of ucw_{dev,ajax} examples
4 years ago Port `option-dialog' from ucw_ajax
4 years ago Remove :ucw.examples to :ucw.manual-examples
4 years ago Push ancient patch to make REDIRECT-COMPONENT work anywhere
4 years ago Remove MOPP in favor of C2MOP in example code
4 years ago Actually add paged-list to ucw.asd
4 years ago Add `' method
4 years ago Port `range-view' from ucw_ajax as `paged-list'
4 years ago Add an special when a form is being rendered.
4 years ago Re-add isolated actions
5 years ago move manual/ to doc/ in preparation for ... something.
5 years ago Make action class a part of the application
5 years ago add ,@others to ucw:submit
5 years ago remove expired sessions before signalling out-of-session ...
5 years ago check if headers are sent before sending them again.
5 years ago minor updates to manual
5 years ago Don't set action options by default in `defentry-point'