small style changes in self-tests.lisp
Sun Oct 5 06:04:18 PDT 2008
* small style changes in self-tests.lisp
Warning: CRC errors found. These are probably harmless but should be repaired.
See 'darcs gzcrcs --help' for more information.
diff -rN -u old-stefil/self-tests.lisp new-stefil/self-tests.lisp
--- old-stefil/self-tests.lisp 2014-08-01 02:50:30.000000000 -0700
+++ new-stefil/self-tests.lisp 2014-08-01 02:50:30.000000000 -0700
@@ -35,12 +35,9 @@
-(in-root-suite) ; we need to reset *suite*, otherwise we may end up under another project's last suite. unfortunately noone rebinds *suite* like *package* while loading.
(defparameter *stefil-temp-suite* (defsuite (stefil-temp-suite :documentation "Suite active when the Stefil self-tests are being run")))
- (defsuite (test :documentation "Stefil self tests")))
+(defsuite* (test :in root-suite :documentation "Stefil self tests"))
;; hide deftest with a local version that rebinds and sets *suite* when executing the body
(defmacro deftest (name args &body body)
@@ -124,8 +121,7 @@
(rem-test test-name :otherwise nil)))
- (defsuite (fixtures :in test)))
+(defsuite* (fixtures :in test))
(defparameter *fixture-test-global* '())
@@ -157,8 +153,7 @@
(with-fixture test-fixture
(is (equal *fixture-test-global* '(42)))))
- (defsuite (lambda-lists :in test)))
+(defsuite* (lambda-lists :in test))
(deftest lambda-list-processing ()
(is (equal (lambda-list-to-value-list-expression '(p1 p2 &optional o1 (o2 "o2") &key k1 (k2 "k2") &allow-other-keys))