mark release 1.15
Mon Mar 1 05:03:13 PST 2010
* mark release 1.15
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diff -rN -u old-postmodern/doc/index.html new-postmodern/doc/index.html
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+++ new-postmodern/doc/index.html 2014-07-13 17:26:21.000000000 -0700
@@ -49,6 +49,20 @@
<h2><a name="news"></a>News</h2>
+ <p class="news"><em>01-03-2009:</em> <a
+ href="">Version
+ 1.15</a>: Almost a year since the last release. Postmodern is
+ still aliveā€”it is just <em>so</em> perfect it hardly needs updates
+ anymore. In this release: Stop depending on the usocket library in
+ Allegro CL and SBCL, just use the built-in socket bindings
+ instead. Allow connecting over a Unix socket in SBCL. Support
+ natural joins in <code>:select</code>. Add <code>:if-exists</code>
+ argument to <code>:drop-...</code> operators, add support for
+ <code>:add-column</code> form to <code>:alter-table</code>. Add
+ <code>:between-symmetric</code> operator. Introduce "ghost slot"
+ hack to DAO system to support fetching OIDs. Extend
+ <code>doquery</code> to also handle parameterised queries.</p>
<p class="news"><em>07-03-2009:</em> <a
1.14</a>: Some more syntax supported in <a