21 months ago fix: (declaim (ftype (function * simple-base-string) foo ...
3 years ago William Halliburton Add :short-year to format-timestring
3 years ago Change TODO list to org format and add details
3 years ago Fixes a warning in sbcl regarding *default-timezone*
3 years ago in format-rfc3339-timestring omit-timezon-part defaults ...
3 years ago Daniel Lowe TAG local-time-1.0.3
3 years ago R. Matthew Emerson Better fix for problem with CCL Darwin
3 years ago Daniel Lowe TAG local-time-1.0.2
3 years ago R. Matthew Emerson Fix problem with LOCAL-TIME:NOW in CCL Darwin
4 years ago small changes to the TODO file, mostly wording
4 years ago fix (local-time::%valid-date? (local-time:today))
4 years ago TODO file
4 years ago no need to :shadow #:time anymore because it's called ti ...
4 years ago Daniel Lowe Updated copyright year for probably no reason
4 years ago Daniel Lowe Many default offset inconsistencies resolved, more tests ...
4 years ago Daniel Lowe Fixed offset bug in minimize and maximize part functions
4 years ago fix parentheses from last patch
4 years ago roll back my change where adjust-timestamp defaulted to ...
4 years ago use hu.dwim.stefil for unit testing.
4 years ago follow documentation/ -> doc/ rename in .boring
4 years ago added a (check-type result time-of-day) in cl-postgres i ...
4 years ago renamed 'time to 'time-of-day for less conflict headaches
4 years ago fix valid-date-p
4 years ago Added date and time types.
4 years ago Split local-time.asd and introduce cl-postgres+local-tim ...
4 years ago Daniel Lowe TAG before controversial changes
4 years ago fix test adjust-timestamp/bug3 (PLEASE AUDIT!)
4 years ago fix test adjust-timestamp/bug2 (PLEASE AUDIT!)
4 years ago adjust-timestamp defaults to :utc-offset 0 unless timezo ...
4 years ago added adjust-timestamp/bug3
4 years ago whitespace
4 years ago added test adjust-timestamp/bug2
4 years ago Jonathan Lee Fix SBCL conditional compilation
4 years ago Updated asdf version number to 1.0.1
4 years ago added +months-per-year+
4 years ago another take on reread-timezone-repository & co.
4 years ago try to make the initialization of *project-home-director ...
4 years ago make it loadable with (load "local-time.lisp")
4 years ago fix #+#. voodoo, one less compilation warning
4 years ago formatting, semantically NOP
4 years ago whitespace changes, one less warning
4 years ago added a deftype for timezone-offset, fix bug reported by ...
4 years ago some tests
4 years ago Daniel Lowe Don't discard value of sb-ext:get-time-of-day
4 years ago Daniel White Provide support for formatting the day as an ordinal (e. ...
4 years ago fix test: reread-timezone-repository is not public in lo ...
4 years ago comments
4 years ago ccl-windows-without-gettimeofday
4 years ago Maciej Katafiasz Minor bugfix: :utc-offset instead of :offset
4 years ago follow the format-rfcnumber-timestring nameing conventio ...