last changeTue, 22 Apr 2014 21:47:59
2 months ago Douglas Katzman make the #L reader macro standard conformant by not assu ...
5 months ago Jan Moringen fix for test for.previous.var-with-type-declaration
5 months ago housekeeping
5 months ago added test for.previous.var-with-type-declaration
2 years ago Russ Tyndall added a restart to remove conflicting clauses
19 months ago added new failing test bug/collect-at-beginning, as repo ...
2 years ago Fix: If both AT BEGINNING and RESULT-TYPE are specified, ...
2 years ago fix package nickname in case sensitive mode
3 years ago move list-of-forms? out of the #L eval-when, because it' ...
4 years ago added bug/walk.2
7 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle first-time-p bugfix: return-code :body must return list ...
7 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle fix defmacro-driver example in manual
7 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle Use @:, @. and two spaces between sentences
7 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle document *list-end-test* removal in FOR...IN+ON
7 years ago Renamed back to sharpL-reader