7 years ago Luis Oliveira Convert manual to Texinfo.
6 years ago hoehle@users.sourcefor ... make FOR...IN/ON with dotted lists work like LOOP
6 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle walk-tagbody: more testcases
7 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle walk-tagbody must not macroexpand symbol/tags among its ...
6 years ago Joerg-Cyril Hoehle add ELSE test cases, remove GNU Arch tag
6 years ago Clean up #L stuff, do not leave #L enabled after loading ...
7 years ago Set *list-end-test* to 'endp instead of 'atom, so (iter ...
7 years ago Henrik Hjelte wrap code in progns, to avoid possiblity of multiple nil ...
7 years ago Henrik Hjelte test to detect bug, more than one nil tag in tagbody
7 years ago Added
7 years ago TAG 1.4.3
7 years ago Added generated pdf manuals to the repo for easier maint ...
8 years ago Renamed doc files and added Boolean Tests subsection
8 years ago Fix doc build, added pdf target
8 years ago Added first-time-p and first-iteration-p tests
8 years ago Added first-iteration-p and first-time-p
8 years ago Added make-shared-binding
8 years ago Initial darcs repo