last changeMon, 05 Jan 2009 12:02:24
5 years ago Fix ccl decls, missing non-sbcl functions
5 years ago Move persistent-collection up in load order
5 years ago Fix pm-btree bug and tighten up instance deserialization ...
5 years ago Enable mvcc / snapshot isolation and global flag for BDB ...
5 years ago Documentation tweaks to improve build
5 years ago Build fixes for SQL stores
5 years ago Quan Hu Fix upgrade issue from 0.9.1
5 years ago Quan Hu Add a migrate method specialized on pathname. Without it ...
5 years ago Fix migration test return value when not run
5 years ago Fix nested migration bug
5 years ago Fixup missing references
5 years ago Additional declarations in memutils and unicode
5 years ago Fix serializer optimization bugs; fix class initializati ...
5 years ago Performance optimizations; additional query system edits ...
5 years ago Query interpreter v0.2 (query planner sketch)