last changeMon, 17 May 2010 23:49:35
4 years ago follow closer-mop
4 years ago drop swank integration in this obsolete branch
5 years ago Version 1.0
5 years ago Allow non computed atoms to be initforms of computed slots.
5 years ago Add definer for computed-universe
5 years ago Fix swank:inspect-slot-for-emacs usage.
5 years ago Don't allow subclassing computed-classes by standard-cla ...
5 years ago Fix test case, don't subclass computed-class with a stan ...
5 years ago move swank dependency to the cl-syntax-sugar infrastruct ...
5 years ago housekeeping
5 years ago an ad-hoc readme in 3 minutes
5 years ago Export some symbols.
5 years ago Added computed-slot-valid-p
5 years ago Fix asdf
6 years ago Dropped arnesi.