last changeMon, 13 Jul 2009 05:44:08
5 years ago add a restart and a proper error when a package can not ...
5 years ago use check-type instead of declare, it's guaranteed to si ...
5 years ago drop stale ignore declaration
5 years ago Added standard-class, standard-effective-slot-definition ...
5 years ago Added a couple of duplicates.
5 years ago avoid a warning
5 years ago cons cells and strings have identity by default
5 years ago some TODO's, some declare -> check-type, some doc
5 years ago added dispatch for simple-ub8-vector
5 years ago TAG 2008-11-27
5 years ago no retest anymore
5 years ago don't use in-root-suite
6 years ago Added hash-table serialization.
6 years ago Reorder simple-array and simple-vector, incompatible change.
6 years ago Avoid printing the whole content of context.