last changeMon, 25 Mar 2013 22:23:56
16 months ago added getenv for ABCL
17 months ago fix load-resource-file on asdf3. still a kludge...
2 years ago extend README with plans
3 years ago test/ more decimal formatting tests, some of them fail
3 years ago tests/ update some asserts to follow cldr changes
3 years ago fix for test/cldr/formatting/bug/1
3 years ago housekeeping
3 years ago added failing number formatting test
3 years ago housekeeping
3 years ago Desmond O. Chang explicitly use no packages
3 years ago split out cl-l10n-cldr to simplify packaging with quicklisp
4 years ago follow cldr in tests
4 years ago update .sh to cldr 1.8.0
4 years ago excessive cleanups after cldr 1.8.0 update
4 years ago flexml smallie