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<p>One known bug (see testmisc.lisp (test json-bind-in-bind-bug)).</p>
<p>A bit faster decoder performance in 0.3 version, a darcs repo is available (<a href="" title="Premature optimization is the root of all evil">old version</a>).</p>
+<h3>Project members</h3>
+<!--#include virtual="../../pprinted-project-members/<project> -->
<h2 class="section"><a name="USER-GUIDE"></a> User Guide </h2>
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<p>The basic functionality is provided by the two functions <code class="api-name">encode-json</code> and <code class="api-name">decode-json</code> (all Lisp names in this Manual <!-- except those in the section <a href="#JSON-RPC"><cite>JSON-RPC</cite></a> --> are available in the package <code class="api-name">JSON</code>). Under the default semantics they implement the following mapping between Lisp and JSON values:</p>
<table class="json-lisp-mapping">
<tr><th>Lisp</th><th class="map"></th>
<th>JSON<span class="cc"><br/>