last changeMon, 23 Mar 2009 06:38:25
5 years ago housekeeping
5 years ago some care for find-logger
5 years ago print the @ syntax of local-time timestamps for READ'ability
5 years ago give up and just depend on local-time
5 years ago renamed to log-appender and exported
5 years ago don't use in-root-suite
5 years ago added level-filter-appender
5 years ago renamed to thread-safe-file-log-appender
5 years ago whitespace
5 years ago warn if there's an error in append-message
5 years ago follow asdf-system-connections
6 years ago -self-
6 years ago find-logger errors if there's no such logger by default
6 years ago no local-time
6 years ago make logs usable in the file they were defined