last changeMon, 28 Sep 2009 17:40:17
4 years ago fix with-macro: then using (-body- some local args) the ...
4 years ago Use equal as a test function in def constant by default.
4 years ago drop swank integration in this obsolete branch
5 years ago More liberal handling of literal AST nodes for qq in wit ...
5 years ago Some more stefil integration.
5 years ago Added cl-yalog integration.
5 years ago Version 1.0.
5 years ago fix with-macro definer regression
5 years ago fix with-macro definer when passing values from the with ...
5 years ago in debug mode declaim notinline
5 years ago clearer error message for missing definers
5 years ago with-macro supports the "d" flag
5 years ago do the exporting in an eval-when
5 years ago be more tolerant to missing (-body-) in with-macro (cl-q ...
5 years ago &rest support for with-macro