last changeThu, 29 Jan 2009 10:44:15
5 years ago Fixes for symbol macros (setf is setq is setf)
5 years ago Russ Tyndall fixed k-for-call/cc to properly handle multiple-value re ...
6 years ago Replace #\u character with something slightly more portable
6 years ago strict-define-modify-macro-lw5.1
6 years ago Marco Baringer Moved slime specific stuff into arnesi.slime-extras syst ...
6 years ago Marco Baringer swank:inspect-for-emacs is known called swank:emacs-inspect
6 years ago Maciek Pasternacki Don't inline package object in ECL (breaks compilation)
6 years ago Maciek Pasternacki Fix LOOP statement order (unbreaks compilation on ECL).
6 years ago Nathan Bird removing parameters to swank:inspect-for-emacs to keep u ...
6 years ago Nathan Bird Adding swank::present-in-emacs that used to be part of s ...
6 years ago rollback the strcat dynamic-extent allocation, it causes ...
6 years ago wrap get-logger into a load-time-value.
6 years ago added load-time-value to call/cc
6 years ago optimize strcat a little
7 years ago Added an ignore-errors for :around append-message